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Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria is their expert of the later and producing some amazing results. Then Topping steps up to the invasive procedures like abdominoplasty, better known as a mini tummy tuck, where loose skin and underlying fat tissue is removed around the belly button, abdominal muscles tightened and the edges are sewn together to form a flatter tummy. (It all makes sense when it’s explained in understandable Lego language, comprendo?). The last but definitely not the least, there’s the Madame of the tummy ops, the full tummy tuck, recommended for the obese or someone with lots of overhanging loose skin after an extreme weight-loss. We turn the conversation back to my tummy (which, I must admit, was shrinking by the minute after listening to the medical explanations of these procedures!) Topping concludes that my excess fat amount was so small that the least invasive procedure to resurface that six-pack would be enough, namely the Smart Lipo. I’m advised that this type of procedure would be done in day surgery without necessarily staying overnight. Recovery and getting rid of the bruising takes anything from two weeks up to eight weeks depending on how quick you heel. Downside is having to wear those mammoth bigger-than-Bridget-Jones-pants for a while. Definitely a fashionista’s nightmare!…..
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