Buttock Lift

There is a significant amount of variation in size, shape as well as level of buttocks. This may have variable effect on body proportion and its beauty. There is a definite racial, familial and genetic link with body as well as buttocks contour.

Women from Afro-Caribbean origin are known to have larger and protuberant buttocks projection. The Arabic women from Middle East represent with a very unique body/buttocks proportion.

The size, shape and level of buttocks is a matter of personal preference which can be influenced by racial trends (black women may prefer large bums). Arabic men and women from the middle east may have predilection for wider and bigger hips, there may be geographical influences which could be compounded by famous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez creating a big wave of ’Brazilian Jelo bumps’ The concept of ‘Beauty from Behind’ is becoming more and more relevant because of increasing popularity of beach holidays and globalisation of cultural acceptance of wearing revealing clothes in day to day life. Hence, it is impossible to set up globally acceptable criteria for ‘Bootylicious’ beautiful buttocks.

There is no doubt that well-toned hour glass shape body with straight confident posture is always desirable. The pre requisite to achieve this comprises of regular muscle toning and maintaining normal body mass index by observing optimum diet and nutrition. Obesity and massive weight loss will adversely affect body/buttocks proportion. It is needless to say that as we mature in our age our buttocks are going to lose their tone and will continue to sag southwards. It is also very interesting that excessive deposition of fat and sagging of the adjoining areas e.g. Flanks (love handles) and outer aspect of the thighs (saddle bags) will distort the shape of the buttocks. This will make the buttocks appear ‘pseudo square’ rather than the desirable rounded shape. There are many misconceptions amongst the general population regarding aesthetics of the buttocks; this may lead to either ambiguous requests for a particular procedure or requesting completely inappropriate procedures.

There are following procedures to be considered for buttock contouring:

1) Liposuction into flanks to improve the definition of waistline, with a view of correcting love handles along with liposuction to the outer thighs for correction of saddlebags. This procedure is advisable for ‘pseudo square’ buttocks.

2) Buttock lift – this procedure is designed to remove redundant excess skin and lift the buttocks. This is quite a common procedure when there is sagging of buttocks following massive weight loss or because of ageing.

3) Buttock Augmentation – there are 3 methods of buttock enhancement, each method has its own advantages and limitations;

a) Fat Grafting – if a person has got excess fat in other areas of the body e.g. abdomen, flanks, outer and inner thighs then fat can be harvested from these areas and injected into the buttocks. There is always a possibility of variable degree of fat graft loss hence we need to be prepared for additional fat grafting procedures if required.

b) Buttock Enhancement can be done by using biodegradable synthetic material such as Macrolane. Macrolane is made up of hyaluronic acid. This product gets absorbed into human body over a period of 12-18 months. Hence one would require a top up injection every year. It is a procedure worth considering when a patient is in the process of making a long term definitive decision.

c) Buttock Enhancement can be done using silicone implants. This procedure is done by inserting implants either within the muscle or in front of the muscle through a cut made just above the crease between the two buttocks. This procedure is known to have more complications in comparison to breast enhancement using silicone implants. However it gives a more long lasting solution in comparison to other techniques.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss with you your concerns regarding buttock aesthetics. The examination consists of measurement, photographs, followed by detailed discussions of the options. This can also be helped to a certain extent by using the “morphing software“.

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