Tattoo Removal

Cosmetic tattooing is quite popular amongst the young population during their college and university stage of their lives. Most of the tattoos are permanent since the pigments injected are water insoluble and can stay into the deeper layers of the skin all throughout life. Many a times one would like to get a tattoo removed because of a variety of reasons such as :

The presence of a tattoo on an exposed part of the body can compromise job opportunities.

There are many types of treatments available for the removal of cosmetic tattoos :

1. Laser tattoo removal – only possible depending upon the colour of the pigments used for tattooing. This requires more than one treatment and the success rate varies.

2. Cosmetic tattoos can be surgically treated by:

• Removal (excision) and direct closure – if the dimension of the tattoo design is small and slim then the whole tattoo can be removed under local anaesthetics and the resultant defect can be closed directly. Mr Vadodaria uses dissolvable stitches hence they do not require removal. Please note that this procedure will leave behind a visible scar.

• Multi-Stage serial excision – If the design/dimensions of the tattoo are wide/big then it may not be possible to remove the tattoo completely in one stage. In such situations it can be dealt with by multi-stage serial excision of a tattoo. In such circumstances, a proportion of the tattoo is removed in such a way that the remaining defect can be closed directly using dissolving stitches. Once the wound has nicely healed, further excision can be undertaken as a second stage procedure. The interval may be between 6 weeks to 3 months. These kinds of stage operations are continued until the remaining tattoo is completely removed. Please note that there will be a permanent scar following this procedure and the scar can stretch depending upon the tension on the suture line. The scar can be camouflaged with water insoluble cosmetic foundation creams.

• Removal (excision) and Reconstruction with a skin graft –Many a times the dimension of the cosmetic tattoo and its anatomical location is too big and wide that it is not possible to remove such a tattoo even with multi-stage serial excision. In such cases the tattoo skin is completely removed and the defect is resurfaced with a skin graft. The skin graft looks like a patch of your own skin (like a pocket on a shirt).

For very big and wide tattoos, other kinds of plastic surgical techniques can be used in the form of tissue expansion and flap reconstruction.

Mr Vadodaria will discuss with you possibilities as well as his preferred option in a given situation.