Nipple Reduction

Normal nipples in men vary in size, shape and level. Many a times some men find excessively protruding nipples uncomfortable. They may be concerned about their (nipples) visibility through tight clothings. They may also find it uncomfortable using the swimming pool and enjoying beach holidays. Many a time protruding nipples may be a cause of recurrent pain and irritation because of rubbing with overlying clothings. If men wish to get nipples reduced then it is possible to perform the operation under local anaesthetics as an office procedure. Mr Vadodaria uses dissolving stitches hence they do not require removal. The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes for one side and 30-40 minutes for both sides.

Mr Vadodaria would like to see the patient within one week’s time for a wound inspection and between 3-6 weeks for a final check. As with any other procedure there is always a possibility of complications e.g. scarring (although hardly visible), infection, bleeding, over/under correction, asymmetry, altered sensation to nipple and a small possibility of revisional procedures. The incidence of complications following this procedure is very low.

Correction of nipple inversion – a patient’s story from Shailesh Vadodaria cosmetic surgeon