Ear Lobule

Ear Lobule is a very important aesthetic component for feminine facial beauty. Ear lobule can be of different types, shapes and at a different level. Many times there might be asymmetry of ear lobules. The ear lobules are pierced with a view to use earrings. Split ear lobules is the commonest acquired condition mainly because of use/over use of heavy earrings in conjunction with maturity of age and loss of soft tissue elasticity. Sometimes ear lobules could be very big in size or stretched, widened and elongated. Ear lobules can be reduced in size under local anaesthetics as an office procedure.

Many times ear lobule is not completely split but there is significant widening of the hole in the ear lobule, this may compromise and or unable a woman to use earrings. Repair of split ear lobule can be performed under local anaesthetic as an office procedure.

Mr Vadodaria uses dissolving stitches. The post-operative care involves topical application of anti-biotic ointment following daily shower and use of pain killers as and when required.

Mr Vadodaria advises to wait for three months for maturation of scar following the split ear lobule repair before embarking upon re-piercing.

We would advise you to send us some good quality photographs for Mr Vadodaria’s initial comments. Like every surgical procedure, split ear lobule repair also involves a list of complications like scarring, bleeding, infection, under correction, over correction, asymmetry, recurrence and a possibility of revisional surgery. However, incidents of these complications are very low.

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