Lip Enhancement

Full red lips are one of the hallmarks of youth and beauty in women. Conversely narrowing and thinning of the lips is a feature of the ageing face. The perceived sensuality associated with fuller lips has no doubt been propagated by the appearance of popular sex symbols such as Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot (Paris lip) and more recently Angelina Jolie. Initially the procedures for lip enhancement consisted of lip tattooing for permanent colour. Now simply improving the colour of the lips and giving the impression of fullness is no longer satisfactory. More commonly, many now desire a more enhanced and physically fuller look to their lips. Lip enhancement is done by either synthetic material like NASHA product or by using your own fat from your tummy or buttocks. There is also an option of permanent lip enhancement using synthetic implant. We will discuss these options and their feasibility at the time of your consultation.