Testimonial – Breast Augmentation 10



My experience of the operation and the preparation for it was very good. My meetings with the doctor before it were very comfortable and getting the opportunity to speak to another girl that had the same operation was a big help.

I had been thinking about having the operation for a long time so speaking to another patient and her experience only enhanced my decision.
Of course I was very nervous before the operation but that is only natural. I had read a lot of different stories online and was well prepared. That helped a lot. My biggest surprise was how much less painful it was than I thought.

I left the hospital a few hours after my operation and took my painkillers. The pain was only moderate and the only thing I found hard was to get out of bed as I was a bit afraid of using my arms. But after a week that was not a problem. A follow up visit was also organised which makes you even more comfortable and at ease.

Now it has been 6 months and I am extremely happy and wearing clothes that I would never have been able to wear before. Now I am just waiting for summer so I can wear a bikini.