Testimonial – Breast Augmentation 2


Dear Mr Vadadoria,

I am writing to thank you very much for my surgery; it has been a very positive change for me. I almost feel the old me again.

It was November 1991when I gave birth to my first child a son & which I am very proud of & love very much, but after I had him my breasts went to nearly a size double FF with the milk & the nurses had to bind me up with sheets as I could not even lift my arms or fit a bra on to support my breasts for the first 3 day. After the milk dryed up all I was left with was skin, this is where my problems started.

I covered this up for years keeping busy trying to accept that this is how it would have to be, then in 2005 I gave birth to my 2nd child a beautiful daughter which I love very much also, but the state of my breasts just got worse from this stage onwards to the point it was taking over my life & I was just so unhappy & low I could not function any more I just cried none stop & became so lost & low I gave up on everything.

I went shopping one day to a proper bra shop to be measured & the assistant told me she could not measure me as the skin was so low she didn’t think I was even an A cup, this just made me realise how much I had to do something about it, I just could not go on like that so I asked to be referred to a specialist. my husband thought it was a small price to pay for having 2 lovely children to which I agree but he was still been very supportive through it all & never judged me, he only ever said I was fine the way I was & to grow old gracefully as they say, but it was inside me & I had to try & fix what was making me feel so low. I have problems with my back & always will & thank you for looking out for my health first. I find now I can cope with my back more as I have that fighting spirit back in me & want to do more. I go swimming again which helps & my friends say I am happy but I feel like a new person. I used to wear 3 chicken fillets as they call them on each side of my bra every day to look normal to people & so after the surgery nobody would notice. I never wanted the surgery to show off, I just wanted to feel feminine & look normal & I do look normal now & I feel so happy. I still wear my baggy jumpers as I did before but I feel so happy inside that I am not covering anything up anymore. I would just like to thank you again as it has made me want to get up in the morning again.