Testimonial – Breast Augmentation 7



Hello Mr. Vadodaria, you performed a breast augmentation operation on me back on July 17. I was asked by yourself to write a story of how the operation had affected my life, well here is the story. Hope it is ok.

In July of this year, 2008, I was extremely fortunate enough to have an operation for breast augmentation. At the age of 23 this has totally changed my life.

Due to some medical reason from puberty through to adulthood, my breasts did not develop in the normal way.

For weeks after the operation i felt very strange, both mentally and physically and wondered if i had done the right thing, but three months down the line it has transformed my life. Overnight I had become a proper woman, instead of feeling like an adolescent. These changes to my body have given my life a whole different meaning. My feelings about myself have become much more positve, considering before the operation, my confidence was severely affected. I would rarely show my body off or feel comfortable in any clothes that I wore. I always wore padded bras as I was embarrassed not to.

The only way is up for me after my operation and I am grateful I was given the chance.

Thank you Mr. Vadodaria