Testimonial – Breast Augmentation 9



For a very long time I wanted to have a breast enlargement. I didn’t feel womanly, or had any confidence. The only thing that used to give me a little bit of a confidence boost and self esteemwas to wear ‘chicken fillets’ within my bra. However as soon as I took my underwear of I was the same flat chested woman. So I decided to do something about it. I had done alot of research as well as talked to my friends who had undergone this type of procedure. One of them was an existing patient of Mr. Vadodaria and she couldn’t be any happier. So I took his number and gave his office a call.

I had two consultations and all of his team were brilliant. I even got referred to another consultant to put my mind at ease regarding my fear of operations.

On 12th March 2009 my operation took place in Highgate hospital based in North London. I had my own private room and was really looked after. It began with Mr. Vadodaria drawing lines over my breasts to plan out the surgery. His wife who is the anaesthetist, is a sweet and calm lady. What else would you need before the surgery?!

After the surgery I woke up in my room where I got help from the lovely nurse. The nurse practitioner was my favourite person as she was so gentle and lovely and I couldn’t find any better care or treatment.

After the operation I got regular appointments to monitor my progress which were complimentary.
I am really pleased with my results and the operation. It was definately worth every penny.