Testimonial – Breast Augmentation


It is very rare today to find an excellent surgeon that one can trust and feel confident with so I was very fortunate to have found Dr Shailesh Vadodaria to carry out my silicon breast implant removal. As soon as I met Mr Vododaria I knew immediately that he was the surgeon for me. He was kind, considerate, highly professional and affordable, which, as an unpaid carer was a huge factor and a concern for me.

A few weeks ago I had my implants of 15 years removed. The reason for having them removed was only because as a climber they became an impediment and often got in the way when scaling crags or high altitude mountains, they also lost their shape, became increasingly uncomfortable and looked unnatural. Mr Vadodaria assured me that it would only be a 20 minute (day case surgery) and that the operation was a very simple procedure. Now my breasts look amazing, in fact, they are in great shape! Even the general anaesthetic used during the operation was wonderful and gave me absolutely no ill effects post- op whatsoever, it really was the best I ever had so I am grateful to his wife, an anaesthetist, Mrs Vadodaria.

From the initial appointment to the day of the surgery was a really pleasant experience. Mr Vadodaria and his efficient staff at Harley Street were always extremely kind, considerate and supportive in making sure that should I have any concerns about the surgery it was never a problem to contact them straightaway. My thanks also goes to Mr Vadoradia’s medical staff at Highgate Hospital that looked after me so well. It is all appreciated. Thank you all again.