Testimonial – Breast Reduction 2



I had breast reduction surgery in November 2007 at the age of 56. This is something which I had thought about for many years but could not quite “pluck up the courage” to do anything about it. I had always been conscious, in fact to the point of embarrassment, of my large breasts ever since I was a teenager and as I got older I began to suffer with back and neck pain.

Eventually, in November 2006, I went to see my GP who, I should say, was extremely sympathetic and understanding and referred me to a Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

In January 2007 I had my first appointment with a member of his team who felt that I was certainly a good candidate for the surgery. At that meeting she went through the procedure with me in detail.

In August 2008 I had an appointment with my Consultant who indicated to me that he also felt I was a good candidate for the surgery and again went through the procedure in detail. At the conclusion of the consultation, after digesting all the information which he had conveyed to me, I still felt that I wanted to have the surgery.

During both the above consultations as well as being informed in detail of the procedure I felt that I was again treated with sympathy and understanding which, in a situation such as this where one may feel quite embarrassed anyway, does make you feel a lot more an ease and a lot less embarrassed. I was also given an examination that same day to make that I was fit for the surgery.

I had my surgery on Thursday 22 November 2007. I was allowed home on the evening of Friday 23 November. After the surgery I was obviously quite sore and uncomfortable when I moved around but, surprisingly, I was not in a great deal of pain, certainly a lot less that I had expected following major surgery.

Following on my surgery I had several visits to have dressings changed and to check that everything was healing up nicely. I had a consultation with my Consultant approximately three weeks after surgery and a final one just over three months after surgery. At that time my Consultant indicated to me that if I had any questions or problems in the future that I was more than welcome to contact him.

I would certainly recommend to anyone who is considering this surgery, whatever their personal reasons may be but who are perhaps a little apprehensive, should certainly seriously think of taking the initial step of consulting their GP. I am certainly glad that I did and would make the same decision again. I certainly have no regrets as this surgery has literally changed my life and certainly for the better. I am much more confident in myself and now do a lot more things that I would not have done before.