Testimonial – Breast Reduction 3



The day my life changed.

After years of suffering a sore back, sore neck and sores underneath my breasts took its toll.

I was eventually referred to the hospital through my gp.Only after waiting about 8 months.

I met Dr Vadodaria at the Golden Jubilee hospital in clydebank, he totally understood my problem, huge breasts, 40e/f.I am a size 12/14 waist, so I was totally out of proportion with my chest, also buying clothes were a nightmare a size 12/14 dress was a no no.Dr Vadodaria and the other helpful staff took time to tell me the benefits and also the risks, a risk I had to take.

I arrived at hospital at 7am Monday 12 may 08, to be shown my lovely room and to be briefed

From nurses, anaesthetists, and Dr Vadodaria.I was taken away to have my breast reduction.

When I woke up I was a bit groggy but felt amazing, even managed soup and a sandwich.

Through the day and night I was cared for from a great bunch of nurses. Next morning feeling good, i was checked over by Dr Vadodaria and allowed to go home with regular dressing changes from my local gp.My healing progress was pretty good, there was someday I was sore but new it would be worth it once my dressings came off for good.

I returned to see Dr Vadodaria 12 weeks later, he was so happy with the results and me too.

My time through the last 4 months has been worth every minute. My confidence has soared, my sore back and neck is definitely getting better and my new wardrobe is fab, thanks to my husband for letting me shop shop shop. The best thing I have done ever.

Thank you Dr Vadodaria and the NHS, you, have changed my life.