Testimonial – Breast Reduction 6



Dean Mr Vadodaria,

I am writing to thank you for the surgery you performed on me at the Go]den Jubilee hospital in clydebank in February. I understand that breast reduction surgery is not considered a particularly important operation on the NHS but I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much it has changed my life. As you know before any operation I was plagued with backache, shoulder and neck pain and pins and needles in my right hand from pressure on the nerves passing through my shoulder as well as the psychological symptom asssociated with large breasts. All these symptoms have since disappeared and the relief is tremendous. My general health has also improved through improved breathing and posture. I have also been able to look forward to the summer this year as, as well as being able to wear nice fitting clothes, I have not suffered the itchy and painful sweat rashes and sores I usually get. Psychologically my confidence has soared. I no longer feel that people are staring at me, shopping is no longer a dreaded chore which ends in tears and I can exercise properly, something that was uncomfontable and embarrassing for me to do in the past. I have already been out shopping and, much to my husband’s amusement, discovered that at 41 years old I didn’t know how my new bras should fit or look as I have always had the full cup, thick strapped styles, a bit like my gnanny would wear! The biggest impact how ever has been on my quality of life with my family. Three years ago my eldest son had a lump in his neck which we were told may be a lymphoma but after it was removed turned out to be deeply infected glands. When the swelling did not go down aften a month more tests revealed that another mass was behind the glands and which, thank God, tunned out to be a neurofibroma. After the second operation to remove this he lost the hearing in his right ear, an indication, they said, there may be another one close to or on his bnain. More tests followed but thankfully it was neither and he slowly regained his hearing over the following 18 months until it was almost back to normal. This was a traumatic time for my family but made us realise how precious life is and I promised myself that I would not miss out on one more minute of my childnen’s lives. Having this openation has allowed me to have a full and active role in my childnen’s lives, from bouncing on the trampoline and playing football to having a comforting cuddle on the settee. It has also allowed me to play a more active role in my job as an Early yeans Practitioner. Fon example I can now fit me and a child between the chair and the table ! All in all my life has improved greatly both physically and mentally and I can now look forward to a future I can fully take part in and contribute to and not just watch from the sidelines and for that I can’t thank you enough.