Testimonial – Breast Reduction



I am a 55 year old who has suffered for many years due to large breasts (34H). Although I had experienced the usual problems associated with large breasts i.e. back pain, shoulder pain, skin sores, low self esteem, I was reluctant to do something about it and was eventually persuaded by others seek advice. I am now delighted that I did as I had my operation six weeks ago and I am very pleased with the results. My surgeon, Mr Vadodaria, has done, in my estimation an excellent job and my only regret is that I waited so long before doing something about this. The benefits of this operation wholly outweigh the discomfort felt afterwards.

There is most certainly some pain and general body fatique after this operation and it was two weeks before I felt began to feel well again. However, this may have been a result of a second operation following the breast reduction – this was to remove some blood that had not drained away. Apparently, this is not unusual and did not cause me any distress.

It is now six weeks since the op and there is still a little discomfort and some swelling remains but nothing to prevent me from visiting the gym next week to test my new 34DD’s on the running machine. A new experience for me!!