Testimonial – Dimple Creation

“The procedure was extremely comfortable. Mr Vadodaria reassured me throughout the procedure. He was very informative about dimple creation. He gave me very detailed information about the positive and negative sides of getting it done therefore I didn’t feel pressured which was great.

Definitely recommend him to it to anyone thinking of getting the procedure done. Great value for money as well as great results. My new dimples look so natural people are just complimenting me on how cute they are. They say I look like Gabrielle Union. I love them. Anyone thinking of getting it done will definitely feel satisfied with them as well as the information given before the procedure.”


“I had right side dimple creation by Mr. vadodaria. It was a nice experience for me. The operation went easily and fast without feeling of any pain. The outcome was as I expected. The pre procedure consultation was good and I have been given all the information regarding my procedure. I have been given time to decide if I would like  go for the procedure. The staff were well qualified and lovely. I didn’t feel afraid about being there. I do recommend anyone who would like to do dimple creation to do it with Mr. Vadodaria.”