Testimonial – Eyelid Reduction



Testimony of upper eyelid surgery

had upper eyelid surgery in August this year, to correct a sagging lid which gave me some problems with my peripheral vision as the skin (especially over my right eye) sagged down.

I first went to St John’s in Livingston for the initial assessment, and then was placed on the waiting list to be seen by a consultant.

I was contacted in July and asked if I would be prepared to be seen at The Golden Jubilee in Clydebank. I was given an appointment on 18th July and was happy to attend there. I was seen by Mr Vadodaria Consultant Plastic Surgeon, and despite being very nervous was put immediately at my ease. He immediately agreed that I was a good candidate for the upper eyelid surgery and there and then gave me an admission date of 20th August 2008. Mr Vadodaria talked me through what would happen, never once making me feel anxious or afraid, or even self conscious, as in my mind this was an operation to help me see properly, but to the Staff at St John’s when I was seen there last December 2007, this was plastic surgery. Photos were taken of my eyes from various angles and then I was seen by a nurse who proceeded to do various tests / assessments. The whole procedure took up to two hours, but I felt so elated that I would have stayed there all day.

On the day of my operation, I was seen promptly and booked into my room. Mr Vadodaria came to see me and told me what time my operation would be. I was treated like a celebrity at all times all staff were fantastic. At one time down in the Anaesthetic room I was really worked up and started to cry, the staff immediately calmed me down. I was put to sleep and woke up with pads over my eyes. Mr Vadodaria came to see me a few hours later and told me that I could go home that night. I felt my eyes a little gritty and bruised but by morning they felt great.

I have returned to have my stitches removed and for one post op appointment and again was seen by Mr Vadodaria, who was as pleased as me with my eyes although he was a little critical of his work, but my eyes are fantastic. My family and friends all agreed how fabulous I look. From receiving this operation to correct my sight I also look younger and less tired. I am actually wearing eye makeup for the first time in years and it looks great.

My treatment by staff and the Doctor was exemplary from start to finish. I was always taken on time sometimes early, and treated (as previously stated) like a celebrity. I always felt that I was the only patient to be seen, as the staff and Mr Vadodaria never seemed to rush things and always explained fully what was going to happen.

I can?t thank Mr Vadodaria and the staff at the Golden Jubilee enough for all their kindness and great treatment before, during and after my stay in hospital, even as I write this testimony, I can’t believe how good my eyes look and that the scarring is almost invisible. I feel and look fantastic. Words just don’t seem enough to express my gratitude.