Testimonial – Liposuction 10



From the age of 16 I have had cellulite. And, being only a size 8, proved that it has nothing to do with being overweight. The older I got, the more any weight I happened to gain, went straight to my hips and thighs.

I was a highly competitive martial artist for 10 years, competing for Britain in the World Championships. No matter how hard I trained, my shape never changed. I would gain or lose weight all over, so basically my dimensions always stayed the same. I simply couldn’t shift the majority of the weight from my lower half. I was a size 8/10 on top and a 12 on bottom ‘ impossible clothing size.

Then came the saddles bags. These started around the age of 25 and again, I am relatively slim with a small frame all over, but the thighs and bottom were always the focal point and I was obsessed with looking at my bum in the mirror.

It never caused me anguish as such, in fact, my bum actually garnered a nickname from friends and family as ‘the mothership’ (long story) ‘.. but that’s how it was known.

I had been thinking about liposuction for years, well actually since my very early 20’s as a friend of mine had it done. Her measurements were even more extreme being a size 6 on top and a 14 on the bottom!!!! I went through the whole process with her so I had a fairly good understanding of the entire, procedure and recovery time.

The final decision to go ahead with it came this year (March 2010) in which the photographs from a girl’s holiday to the South Pacific Islands spurred me into action. My legs simply looked enormous. This was accentuated by the fact that I have a small waist (maybe 27 inches). There is a difference between ‘curvy’ and ‘disproportioned’. I most definitely did not want to lose my curves, but something had to be done.

I decided to investigate the procedure and had been recommended to Mr Vadodaria and his practice. I went to the initial consultation with my sister (who was completely sceptical and not happy about my decision to do this), but after a thorough consultation, every question and concern that we both had were acknowledged, and a complete confidence that Mr Vadodaria and his team inspired in us, I decided to go ahead.

I had done a lot of reading regarding this procedure to try to be as informed as possible. This only strengthened my relationship with my surgeon. I did not have unrealistic views of the procedure or the recovery time and the part I would need to play to optimise the results.

My biggest fear of all was going under General Anaesthetic. Aside from the fact it makes me incredibly sick for days, the mere thought terrifies me. So it was to my delight to find out the operation would take place under ‘twilight sedation and localised anaesthetic’.

On the day of my surgery, my sister was frantic with worry but I simply couldn’t wait. I felt I had been given such personal treatment, time, patience and understanding from the surgical team and the nurses had treated me with such a closeness, that I couldn’t possibly find anything to worry about.

When I finally came round after the surgery, I was drowsy for about 40 mins, then I was completely awake and alert. My sister could not believe it when I was wheeled back into my private recovery room. I spent the next 6 hours resting and being attended to by my dedicated nurse; I felt amazing. More than anything though, was my complete surprise as to how the twilight sedation had worked. I was not sick at all, in fact, aside from the soreness in my legs, I didn’t actually feel that I’d been under ‘ I felt fantastic!

I went home that evening and my sister had been advised by the nurse on how to tend to my dressings etc and what to expect over the next few days. I was telephoned to make sure I was ok and text messages were also sent to me. The service and care were impeccable.

I am now 2.5 weeks after my surgery and have had 2 follow up consultations with Mr Vadodaria. I have been taking the arnica to help with the bruising (which has almost gone) and all that remains is some soreness and the swelling (which the pressure garment is taking care of). I have changed my diet also, not to extremes, but just to make some better choices and have been keeping as mobile as possible and walking regularly to help the recovery process.

My measurements so far have been quite something, and I can’t stop looking in the mirror! Knowing these are the results from under 3 weeks, I know there is yet better to come ‘ but I know I still need to do my part to achieve this which is to make better food choices and keep mobile. I am never going to be an exercise freak, but I invested in a treadmill and am trying to walk 5km a day in around 45 mins when I get home from work.

Whilst this is an expensive procedure that affects every aspect of your life for a while, it is a decision and a change for the better that I simply do not regret in any way, shape or form. It has given me a shape that has boosted my confidence and inspired the drive in me to work at keeping.

Thank you.