Testimonial – Liposuction 2



A Liposuction Experience

I’d always felt at war with my pear shaped body – battling to keep the size of my saddlebags under control. Even with a healthy diet and at least 5 gym sessions a week I still couldn’t shift stubborn fat deposits around my bum and thighs. I was the fittest person in the gym, but I didn’t have the confidence to train without a sweat top tied around my waist to help disguise my problem.

It was a shopping trip with a girl friend that finally led me into taking some action. After trying on at least 30 pairs of jeans and coming home empty handed, depressed and in tears, I had an emotional discussion with my husband about the possibility of surgery. After weeks of research, I was finally standing in the consultation room with Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Vadadoria, a nurse and my husband – all scrutinising my naked lower extremities. It was horrendously embarrassing but at the same time liberating and exciting to be able to talk about the possibility of getting help. I was thrilled to hear that being fit, toned and at my correct body weight meant that I was an ideal candidate for liposuction and I could expect good results if I went ahead with surgery. Having to wear a pressure garment (a crotchless monstrosity) day and night for 8 weeks after the operation was daunting, but on the plus side I was told that there was no restriction on activity and I could even go to the gym as normal afterwards. After the consultation I decided to have 4 areas treated – inner and outer thighs, buttocks and flanks.

I don’t think anyone could have been more nervous on the day of the surgery than me. The only thing that kept me from bolting was the knowledge that I either accept my body or go through with it. I guess the worse bit pre-surgery was the humiliation of being washed down with vile smelling orange solution in the operating theatre – surrounded by the theatre team. However, everyone was so nice and understanding that it’s bareable – and you realise that it’s standard stuff and they’ve seen it all before. The liposuction was done under local anaesthetic with sedation. Like most people I would rather have been knocked out with a sledge hammer but I can see now why it’s better to do it this way as its easier for the surgeon to move you around and get a good result. I was fairly relaxed during the procedure (just very emotional) and although I was in surgery for 3 hours the time flew. Afterwards I was extremely cold and wet (from the Tumenescent fluid used) and a little sore. I had to stay in the clinic overnight and I am very glad I did as the incision sites leaked quite a lot – this is normal but it can be very unnerving and messy and I felt a little light headed.

The following day I can remember the nurse saying to me that over the next few weeks I would have my ups and my downs – and how right she was! The first couple of days were ok – you know you are going to be a bit sore and leaky but it’s a relief when its not too bad and you are managing to get out and about. It wasn’t until day 3 after the op that the swelling really kicked in. My legs were like sausages and the garment was really tight and uncomfortable. I can remember feeling quite sorry for myself at this point – you can’t really see the results and you have to keep the faith that it’s normal. I still persevered with walking and keeping as active as possible. I also avoided alcohol, too much salt and caffeine to try and give my body a chance to beat the bloat. Although most of the incision sites stop leaking after 48 hours I had one incision site that kept leaking badly for a good week or so. I am so glad that I brought a second pressure garment as it made life a lot easier (you have to hand wash them and they take a while to dry). I was also very glad to have the support of my husband – it would have been a lot harder without him helping out.

I took Arnica religiously before and after the operation to minimise bruising and I am sure this made a difference because I was expecting the bruising to be a lot worse than it was. I also took Bromelain to help minimise swelling – whether it helped or not is hard to tell but at least I felt like I was doing something positive to aid my body’s recovery.

On day 10 I made it back into the gym. Wearing the garment felt like I was exercising in a wet suit but to my astonishment I managed a decent workout. High impact activity caused discomfort so I avoided running and used the x-trainer, bike and free-weights instead. I started to feel like I was getting back to a normal routine which was a real boost. After exercise the swelling would worsen slightly but this temporary side effect was worth it as the benefits of exercise far outweighed the negatives (I would avoid weight gain, maintain muscle tone and get a better final result).

Two weeks after the operation I could massage the treated areas with a Scholl shiatsu massager (available from Boots). I found this really helped with the swelling and evening out the lumps and bumps. I also started to use Bio Oil on the incision sites to help minimise scaring.

Wearing the pressure garment day and night started to get me down a bit (it’s not the most attractive thing in the world!) so I decided to do some research into alternatives and ordered a Marina stage 2 liposuction garment on the internet (most cosmetic surgery products are sourced from the US so ordering online was the only option). It cost about £70 but it really made a big difference as I found it to be more discreet under clothes, lighter and more comfortable. I wore the new garment during the day (from week two post op) and my original garments at night and in the gym.

During the first month or so of recovery I found it easier and more comfortable to wear long skirts, dresses and loose clothing. Although I could see a difference in my contour I was still too swollen to fit into jeans and tight clothing and the garment made it difficult to wear anything too tight or revealing. Although it takes six months for you to see your final result, I was told that most people start to see their new shape six weeks after liposuction as the worst of the swelling subsides. It was almost six weeks to the day when I saw some jeans in a shop window and decided to try them on. To be honest I didn’t think I would get in them let alone like them but to my astonishment they looked great. I could really see my new shape and I was totally elated.

After 8 weeks I went for a follow-up consultation with Mr Vadadoria where more photos were taken and we were able to compare before and after pictures. I’d forgotten what my body looked like before as my shape had changed so much. I was told that the final result would not be seen until 6 months but even so I couldn’t believe the difference the surgery had made – there wasn’t a saddlebag in sight.

I no longer needed to wear the pressure garment so I decided to have a lymphatic drainage massage once a week to help get rid of the swelling and fluid build up and to generally help my body recover. I found this to be very beneficial and could see and feel a difference 2-3 days after each session.

I am now 6 months post op and my body has recovered extremely well. The contour of my thighs has evened out considerably and my scars are very discreet and fading nicely. One thigh (saddlebag area) is very slightly larger than the other which although very minor I am considering a corrective procedure. However, I must state that this is a personal thing and you would not notice unless you really looked.

I can honestly say that having liposuction has been very liberating and I now feel so much more confident in my own skin. It has not been a walk in the park but for me the cost, time and discomfort have been totally worth it. I feel even more motivated in the gym now that I can see the results and the sweat top disguise is now left in the locker