Testimonial – Liposuction 3



Dear Mr. Vadodaria,

First of all thank you for taking such good care of me in your kind and professional manner.

My experience is this. From my first consultation at the West London Clinic you were extremely thorough and professional both in the examination and explanation of the surgery.

We discussed my expectations and I was confident throughout of a successful outcome, even as you explained I was one of your eldest patients assuring me you would not perform the surgery if you were not confident. The consultation was not rushed at any time which is important and reassuring.

My operation was performed at a day patient and I felt relaxed from the minute I arrived. I met my anaesthetist and Mr. Vadodaria prior to surgery and all aspect of the surgery was explained. Both during and after surgery I felt no pain and was constantly reassured throughout. I was able to go home after a rest and a snack. During the next few days I rested and walked as exercise, which was recommended.

I noticed results immediately and after approximately a week felt elated with the results. I am delighted with my surgery and my choice of surgeon.

Every day I see an improvement.

Thank you so much,