Testimonial – Liposuction 5



I wanted to shape my body by liposuction particularly the fat deposits on my tummy and flanks which I could not shift with exercise and diet control. Hence, I saw my friends who had liposuction in the past. They achieved only little improvement after multiple liposuctions. So I felt the need to seek advice from my friends experienced in cosmetic surgery field in order to find the best consultant. It was clear to me after my first consultation with Mr. Shailesh Vadodaria that I would trust my body into hands of Mr. Shailesh Vaodaria for liposuction of abdomen and flanks. He liposucked 3 litres of fat from my tummy as well as flanks in the month of June, 08.

I confirmed that my dress size (bottom) has gone down from 14 to 10 within 6 weeks following liposuction. My circumference of the tummy and flank region was measured before and 6 weeks after the liposuction. It was came down by 11 cms (Average) following the procedure.

Change in circumference of my tummy

Post Operation 6 Weeks After Operation Difference
Upper Abdomen 84 cm 74 cm 10 cm ?
Lower Abdomen 86 cm 78 cm 8 cm ?
Flanks 100 cm 85 cm 15 cm ?

Mr Vadodaria not only the best for his clinical expertise but also for his ethics and professionalism. He is truly a remarkable consultant plastic surgeon.