Testimonial – Liposuction 6



I was extremely pleased with the way you explained the procedures to us and took your time to do so. We had a list of questions which in all honesty would have taken hours to answer but thanks to the wealth of information you provided us with the list was quickly resolved.

A move to my situation – when I approached you with the=2 0condition I came to know as ‘Gynecomastia’, the way in which you made me feel as though it was the smallest of issues to rectify gave me an instant feeling of relief, as if the world had just been lifted off of my shoulders and that moment was something I will never forget. To have Gynecomastia is to be a prisoner in ones body in that you are unable to look at yourself in the mirror without being depressed. I now realise this affected my confidence to no end both in my professional life and personal life turning to food for comfort and further creating health issues by allowing myself to become so unhealthy and overweight. But now this is all in the past!

As you know I opted to have the Gynecomastia corrected and liposuction to my abdomen and flanks. The surgery itself was a lot easier for me than I imagined it would be, I had visions of being extremely scared and nervous but you and your team ensured I knew I was in good hands at all times. The importance of this I cannot place a value on. Your anaesthetist did her job extremely well and was constantly talking to me and making sure I was=2 0comfortable. The opportunity to meet her before hand ensured I had a friendly, familiar face. Although I understand I was in surgery for a significant amount of time, for me it flew by and I was in the recovery area within a very short period of time.

It has been 5 months since my surgery and I am possibly the happiest man alive. I feel young again, more in control, confident (sometimes a little over confident!) and people have noticed this in me. Shopping for clothes is now a fun experience and my only definition of something that doesn’t suit me is down to the colour or style as opposed to the way it may highlight particular issues on my body!

Gynecomastia affected me in the most unbelievable ways, would you believe I am now more confident in my working life?? Having confidence is extremely important in my career as I regularly have to voice my opinions or suggestions to an audience. My personal life is a lot happier and more pleasant too, we recently went on a beach holiday and I was able to remove my shirt for the first time in public and I actually felt proud of my body. The change in me is unbelievable!

Would I recommend cosmetic surgery to anyone? No. Would I recommend cosmetic surgery to anyone provided you were the surgeon? Yes! The choice of a surgeon is a very personal one, after all one must feel comfortable with who they trust their body with but I can safely say my instinct to go with you was the correct one and I am extremely glad I did. My life has changed for the better and my only regret is that our paths did not meet sooner.

Your sincerely