Testimonial – Tummy Tuck 2



Dear Mr Vadodaria

Can I just thank you for the surgery performed and to which I am so very pleased. I felt really strange talking about cosmetic surgery and a tummy tuck. thinking was I being vain what would people think of me and would they like just using resources unnecessarily but the surgery has changed my life. after I had my daughter 9 years ago I ballooned up to 16 stone I was determined to lose the weight and did so reaching my target of 10 stone everyone kept on saying well done you look great and the weight loss was brilliant but under my clothes I had been left with lots of flaps of skin that would hang and bulge and leave me with sores around my groin and I hated ho I looked hated me and felt not like a woman. I hated wearing anything that was remotely flattering , I would not go swimming , undress in any public area and even avoided getting undressed in front of my husband my life was spent as soon as I met someone I would look at their tummy area rather than them as a person first sounds silly but this was my perspective and I thought I was happier when I was big as I did not see all this flesh bulging around. I went to see my GP at the time and they were not that helpful and tried to put me off but I asked for a referral to a surgeon he was great and could understand how I felt I had kept the weight off for 6 years and felt healthy and referred me to a plastic surgeon in edinburgh. in scotland we are very lucky as abdominoplasty is on the NHS don’t get me wrong it is not just a case of asking for it you have a long wait and you have to see a clinical psychologist to see if you qualify for surgery I waited 4 years from referral to getting an appointment with Mr V I still was unsure about surgery I am a nurse and had read all the stories of good and not so good plastic surgery stories but I would say that put your trust in a good surgeon and they will look after you. being referred to Mr V I was so lucky he understood my anxiety and how I felt with having nearly 3 lb of excess skin in folds. the day of surgery I was terrified I was frightened of everything and knowing that this was an elective procedure and what was I doing by putting my family through this wait but I was put at ease and treated as an individual on every account. I won’t lie the pain following surgery was like no other pain I had felt I had 3 drains draining excess blood away and could only walk along the wall bent over double and the first 3 days I could only look at the floor but the pain gets better the drains get taken away and memories start to fade of how horrible I felt, I remember Mr V telling me would need at least 8 weeks off being a nurse I knew better and thought a few weeks would do I needed the full 8 weeks and 2 more trust all your surgeon tells you and wear the corset for the 6 weeks and take the time off he tells you if like me you have waited years for surgery that changes your life don’t ruin your recovery for vanity of the corset or wanting to push yourself to quick to recover. 6 months on my life is great I go swimming and wear a tankini my tummy is flat I don’t look 6 months pregnant with a bump I don’t have to wear long tops to cover my tummy bump of skin I sail and run I can wear jean without pushing skin folds into my jeans and I feel like a woman thank you Mr V you have changed me and my life.