Testimonial – Tummy Tuck



Before I had my tummy tuck I lacked self confidence in my appearance and the way I felt about myself. I had lost an extreme amount of weight which caused me to have a lot of extra loose skin especially around my arms which I tend to try and hide with bigger clothes especially my arms. My Doctor referred me to see Mr Vadodaria to have an assessment to see if I would be suitable for a tummy tuck. I was successful and had my operation at the beginning of the year. I felt so happy and very comfortable with my doctor, he made me feel relaxed and confident about the procedure I was about to have.

The nursing staff on the ward where very patient, understanding and helpful to all my needs during my stay. When I woke up I was in a little discomfort but the nursing staff where right at hand to help me relax and ease any of the pain. My recovery period was a little tiring too but it was all well worth it. When I saw the final results I was overwhelmed with the amazing transformation of my body which has now given me a lot more confidence in the way I look and feel about myself. I now can wear clothes that I feel I look amazing in. I also feel comfortable wearing swimwear in my local swimming pool, which for me is a big thing. Mr Vadodaria has done an amazing performance in giving me a nice flat tummy and giving me the confidence to be who I am and embrace my lovely nice figure. To him and all my staff I am very much appreciative.